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What would happen if we would already learn as children that wonder can happen at any time? How could we change life if we would trust in the fact that our wishes are coming true?


It is a Witch alert! The small angel Fridolin meets three fairies which urgently need the gold carafe with the crystal of eternal light to save the good in the world. Fridolin is ready to take on the mission. For that he has to go to the Land of Wonders and find out where the gold carafe is. Preferably before the Smoke-witches find it. ...


"Well, how did the story continue?” he asked curiously. Now Eibi joined in the conversation: "The story continued that we came with the dove to the human child. The human child’s name is Odilie and she is a wonderful human. It only got complicated when the situation with the Crane-beings got worse very quickly and Zitronella had to leave in a hurry...

Angel Fridolin in the Land of Wonders

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