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What if we already learned as children to firmly rely on ourselves and our feelings?

What if we took life easier and believed more in us as adults?

Leo is a dragon that has made it his task to re-open the eyes of us humans for what isn't visible but rather remarkable and noticeable. Should we be able to regain this knowledge we will be changed - towards certain self-confidence.

…'We are dragons. And as a dragon I've got my duties. Of course the level of difficulty of our duties is different. Sometimes they are easier to perform, sometimes a bit more difficult. Very often it depends on where we live and, more importantly, who with.' He briefly thought about it and then quickly continued before I was able to interrupt him. He seemed to know me. I would have loved to ask a question but he didn't want me to have the opportunity. He immediately continued, 'Unfortunately you people can't see us. Well, that is actually not quite true. It's mostly the little people who may be able to see us better…'

Stay, Dragons, Stay!

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