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What if we learned already as children, that we feel much better about ourselves if we pay attention to our thoughts? How could we change the world and what we think about ourselves and the world?

The little dolphin Gregory meets Anna, a sad girl, who is certain that no one at her new school likes her. Together, they discover how to change their world as well as their self-confidence. They use the Nepomuk-Trick, and the change begins...

...He smiled at Anna, at her delicate, small face. Doing so, he noticed that her face lit up until she almost glowed. "Thank you for saying that!" she said, "But the other kids haven't realized it yet. Or they just think I'm stupid." Gregory tried to find the right words, "I can't believe that everyone thinks you're stupid. Where I come from, unless you grew up in a school of fish, there is no way that everyone around you has the same opinion. That's really only possible in a school of fish..."

The Little Dolphin Gregory, Anna, and the Nepomuk-Trick

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